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Friday, 17 August 2012

SureChemDirect is launched

We're pleased to announce the release of our new enterprise product, SureChemDirect, which provides access to the complete collection of SureChem chemistry, patent full text and related metadata via API.  This enables customers to incorporate chemical patent search search into their workflows, perform batch searches, set up custom alerts and enhance their internal databases with relevant patent chemistry.

We developed SureChemDirect in response to customers' requests for a direct pipeline to patent chemistry data that gave them batch access, the ability to easily integrate with internal tools, and no limitations on how they accessed or use the data. As part of this we have developed a dedicated SureChem package for Pipeline Pilot. This means users of the Accelrys tool can get up and running quickly with the help of a series of example protocols, which they can expand upon if they wish.

Responses to our pre-release demos have been great, and we look forward to getting more feedback. Already we've confirmed half a dozen evaluations with large pharma and expect considerably more now that the product is officially available. We will be staggering these evals to give us time to respond to customer feedback and incorporate any resulting changes or improvements. If you're interested, drop a note to

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